The revolutionary infectious disease diagnostic Instrument



The revogene is a fully automated instrument for clinical samples, performing homogenization, microorganism lysis, dilution, amplification and detection of target nucleic acid sequences from multiple specimens using fluorescence-based real-time PCR.

Its unique design combining a compact-platform and a single-use microfluidic cartridge (PIE) enables automated nucleic acid-based testing of infectious microorganisms. During a 70-minutes total time, the revogene has the ability to process eight clinical samples simultaneously, detecting up to 12 genetic targets per sample. With its integrated and user-friendly touch screen, the revogene allows medical staff to easily and efficiently perform diagnostic tests.

The revogene is to be used in conjunction with GenePOC in vitro diagnostic assays.

GenePOC advantages

  • Easy-to-use (<1 min hands-on-time)
  • Innovative (Multiplexing up to 12 targets)
  • Flexible (Up to 8 different samples and/ or assays per run in 70 minutes)
  • Connectable
  • Compact
  • Fully automated stand-alone system (Samples in and walk away)


Power supply
Input Voltage 110 – 240 VAC
Input Current6 A (110V – 240 V)
Input Line Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Maximum Power Input 650 Watts
Environmental requirements
Operating conditions
Temperature 20° to 28°C (68 – 82°F)
Humidity0% – 80% R.H. 
LocationsIndoor only; no water/direct sunlight
AltitudeEvaluated for safety up to 2000 m
Non-Operating Conditions
Storage and transport temperature-20° to 50°C
Storage and transport relative humidity0% – 80% R.H. 
Physical Dimensions
Height33 cm (13 in.)
Width24 cm (9.5 in.)
Depth40 cm (15.75 in.)
Clearances Right and left sides: 15 cm (6 in.)
Rear: 20 cm (9.5 in.)
Overhead: 30 cm (12 in.)
Weight 10 kg (22 lb)




The results displayed on the touchscreen user interface can be printed, transferred, or stored to a storage device using the USB port.


Click here for all supporting documentation such as:

  • User Manual

  • Certificate of Analysis

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Does the instrument support Wi-Fi connectivity?

Re: No.

How will connectivity be established?

Re: Connectivity will be established through the GUI settings. Please contact your distributor for support.

How will the printers be connected?

Re: Five types of printer will be included in the OS, including a network printer. Please contact your distributor for support if your desired printer is not pre-installed.

What is the revogene’s data storage capacity?

Re: Approximately 2880 test report values may be stored in the software.

Can we export data while a run is in progress?

Re: Yes, it is possible to do this. Please consult the User Manual for more details

What kinds of barcodes can be readable?

Re: Use only 2D/1D alphanumeric characters; no special characters are permitted. Please consult the User Manual for more details.

What do we do when a warning occurs?

Re: A warning will not stop the instrument.  Please consult the User Manual for more details on warnings.

What do we do when an error code occurs?

Re: An error code will stop the instrument.  Please consult the User Manual for more details on errors.